I Needed to Have Better Pay Records

I needed to figure out a way to keep a better handle on my books. I run a small business that is sometimes too much for me to handle on my own. I hire some neighborhood teens to help me out when that is the case, and I pay them a very fair wage for helping me. Sometimes, I would just give them cash at the end of the day, and other times I would write them a check. I knew I needed to find a pay stub generator when one of them asked me how he was supposed to do taxes at the end of the year.

To be honest, I never considered that. I treated the teens who helped me out just as I do the teen who cuts my grass and does odd jobs for me now and again. I guess I just never figured any of them would claim this on their taxes since it is not very much money. When I considered that I claim it on my taxes though, I knew I had to get better about this. Continue reading I Needed to Have Better Pay Records