A Condo Development That Has It All

When I first started researching the Parc Esta Condo development, I thought it would just be the first of quite a few that I looked at. I needed to find a comfortable condo in District 14, and this just happened to be the first one that I looked at. I first looked at the history of it as well as the updated plans on rebuilding it. I liked everything I read, and I was especially enamored with the location of it. I wanted to make sure it had all the amenities that I wanted as well, and I was glad to be able to find all of the information so easily.

First off, the condo development has everything I could want. I wanted to make sure there was a swimming pool as well as a gym, and it does have both. But, it has so much more too. It does not have just one swimming pool. It has an aqua gym, a pool where residents can do laps, a pool for the waders, another pool where families can have fun with their children, and a sanctuary pool too. I already knew that would be the one that I use a lot!

There is also a gym as well as a fitness corner. I am excited that I can play tennis there too, and there are even bicycle racks for my bike. A clubhouse and dining area for the community are also there. Like I said, there are just so many things there for all the residents to do, and that is what I like most about it. Another thing that I like is the variety in condos. They range from one bedroom units as small as 474 square feet to five bedroom units that go up to 2,357 square feet, or almost five times the size of the smallest one!