A Nice Apartment for My New Journey

I have never been the type to have a lot of money. I was never swirling in debt, but I never had any extra either. When I was given an opportunity to make in one year what it would normally take me three years to make, I did not hesitate to jump on the offer. I immediately started looking at apartments for rent in Santa Fe NM because I knew I was going to have to move. I lived about 90 minutes from Santa Fe, and that was just too far for me to drive every day.

I was living in a small apartment then, and I was comfortable enough. I did not need a luxury apartment or anything like that. I just wanted a clean place in a good part of town where I would be able to pay a reasonable rate for living there for at least one year. When I saw one apartment complex, I knew it was perfect for me for a number of reasons. The main one is because it was not expensive at all. I knew that I would be able to bank a good amount of my income and hopefully put myself on a better road in life.

Starting that journey in this new apartment was not going to be a hardship at all. The apartment is modern and clean, and it is bigger than what I was living in before. There are not a lot of community amenities, and that is one of the reasons why the price is lower than some of the other complexes in the city. I was not going to use those amenities anyway, so I was glad that I was not paying for something that I would not use. This feels so good to be changing my life this way!