Being Mr. Handyman for My Girl

My girlfriend Hani is very self-sufficient. She might be a female, but she does not let that stop her in life. She can do almost anything, except manage her time wisely. She is always on the go and in a rush. She barely has time to eat and sleep. She works very hard and I try to help her because I love her. Recently, she purchased some furniture from a department store. She did not have the time to put it together. I offered to put it together. I found the best cordless screwdriver to use for the daunting task.

Hani recently purchased a new desktop computer and needed a place to put it. She did not have a computer desk. I offered to take Hani on a Saturday to a department store. We looked at various desks from the store’s massive collection. We finally found the perfect one for her. It was just one problem. The desk was not assembled. That meant that we would have to put it together ourselves. The salesman at the store wanted to know if we needed help putting it together, but I declined. I wanted to show Hani how handy and manly I was.

While Hani was busy running errands, I decided to surprise her. I wanted to put the desk together myself. I got my cordless screwdriver to do the job. This cordless screwdriver was a good investment for me. It had a magnetic compartment to store the metal screw heads. I did not have to fumble around with multiple screwdrivers like I did in the past. The cordless screwdriver gave me the ability to put the screws in the right parts of the desk without any problems. It was very smooth to use. When Hani returned, she saw that I had fully completed building the desk. She was so happy.