Drifting into a Painless Sleep

I used to play baseball a lot in college, and when I did, I was a pitcher. I was pretty good at it, and could strike out nearly any player in the game. All of that playing has taken its toll on my shoulder, specifically causing pain in it. When I would lay down to sleep, my shoulder would hurt, and I would have to put ointment on it to take the pain away. I wanted a bed that would help lessen my pain while I slept, and I heard that Sleep Matters had some good information on beds, so I checked them out.

I found just the bed that would make sleeping easier with my bad shoulder. On the website, there was a really nice memory foam bed that had cooling gel. The foam working with the shape of my shoulder and the gel working to cool the area would be like a one two punch to get my shoulder in a stable state and lull me to sleep at the same time. I placed an order for the bed and waited for it to arrive. I had a friend help me with getting the old bed out of my room.

Once the new bed was in my room, I slept in it later that night, and it was a remarkable difference from the sleep that I would normally have. I didn’t feel any pain in my shoulder while laying down. I could turn in the bed and sleep on any side of my body, and there was no pain at all. It was like a miracle. The bed also kept me cool during the night, and I didn’t have to turn down the air temperature or cover myself in a thick blanket because of the air being too cool.