Everyone Says It’s Easy to Find One

When it was time for me to branch out on my own and leave my parents home, my friends would all tell me how easy it was to find apartments in Orlando. I foolishly believed them, thinking it would be a piece of cake that would only take me one day to do. It wasn’t as simple as they made it out to be. I had to do extensive research to find the right apartment, and even then I had to worry about vacancies in the type of apartment I wanted. Some of the apartments I found weren’t worth my time, and others were perfect, but out of my price range, or didn’t have rooms for single residents.

I actually found the perfect apartment by accident. I was watching television early one Sunday morning and I saw a commercial for an apartment building that I hadn’t seen in my research. I wrote down the web address for this apartment and went to it to check it out. I was impressed with the look of their apartments and contacted them to see if they had any openings, and to my luck, they did. I did a tour of the apartment in person to make sure that everything was actually up to par.

I signed the lease for the apartment and moved in with the help of my parents. When I talked to my friends again about the apartment, I told them that it wasn’t as easy as they said it would be to find one, and they thought I must have done something wrong, because to them, it only took a couple of days at most. Of course, I don’t think their apartments look nearly as good as mine does. If anything, I think they could have used a few more days of looking.