Exploring New Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

My friend and I just moved to the area from Florida. We are currently in temporary housing, but we plan on searching for apartments for rent in Summerlin Las Vegas NV next week. This week we are trying to get acclimated to the city, which has been quite a thrill. I have visited Las Vegas many times in the past, but when you are viewing the city from the perspective of a resident rather than a tourist, everything changes. I find myself looking at different details.

For example, since I will be looking at apartment homes, I’m really focused on what the different neighborhoods are like. As I go from one neighborhood to the next, I’m trying to pick up the vibe of each neighborhood and determine if it would be a good fit for the two of us. I’m also looking at shopping in the area in a different way. Rather than focusing on where I can buy clothes to go to the club, I am focusing on where I can buy groceries and other important staples. I’m asking myself these questions, and I’m taking notes about which areas will provide us with the best living arrangements.

I drove by one apartment home the other day that was stunning. As I drove by, I immediately focused on the beautifully landscaped area, which looks like it was taken very good care of. I think that would people take pride in their homes, it says a lot about who they are as a person. Knowing that this apartment complex valued that sort of thing really made me interested in moving there. Being able to walk outside and see the beautiful trees and grass would make me feel good about starting my day each morning. These are the types of things that I’m looking at.