Getting Around an ISP Ban

There’s a website where people from all over can join and talk with each other about anything. I frequently visit this website, and occasionally people get banned from it for causing trouble. One day, I was banned, but I didn’t do anything to get banned. One of the mods had banned an entire block of IP addresses related to my ISP because of one person. I tried to dispute it, but had no luck. I had to find a free VPN service that would give me a new IP address from which I could use to visit the website.

After a bit of searching around on the Internet, I was able to find just the VPN I needed and made an account. Setting up the VPN for usage was pretty simple, and I was able to get back on to the website where I was banned and start using it as if nothing had happened at all. I went into a thread where people were all talking about the IP address ban and everyone was upset. The website was setting a bad precedent.If one ISP block could be banned, any other one could be next, and more people would be affected.

Every one on the website complained, and eventually they decided to reverse their decision about the IP address ban. I decided to keep my VPN just in case I would ever need to use it again. I hope no one else causes trouble on the website, and I hope that a ban like that doesn’t happen again, but I’ll keep my guard up just in case. I have a feeling that this is only the first one in a lot of address bans. They’ve shown that it can happen once, and there’s a likelihood that it will be worse the next time.