I Am Looking for a Place Near the Campus

I have been working on the problem for some time and I have managed to gain admission to Florida State University. Of course when I got back home from the Air Force I was not really in a huge hurry to start school, but I was keen to find a Tallahassee apartments near the campus over the summer time. Obviously most of the kids do not hang around campus in the summer, they go back home or they try to earn some money for when they come back to school. At any rate it is a nice little place that I have found, although I am sort of hoping that I can get a two bedroom place and a roommate. I have already bought the books that I need and I have been taking course on the web to get ready. It is hopefully going to go smoothly. I have found a job working at a pizza place within a short walk of the apartment and the campus. Right now I am working full time, but that will have to change when I start classes.

At any rate I am going to try to finish up in two years, which should be rather possible if I work hard and do not allow any distractions to sidetrack me. It is going to take a lot of focus and hard work to do that, but I have managed to get in a position where it is possible. Obviously the Air Force can teach you all sorts of things and that is where I got a lot of my education in computer science. I also have been taking classes on the web, all of them in math, computer science and physics. It is going to be something that I shall have to work hard to complete.