I Really Got Lucky with My Girlfriend

In truth a lot of my friends think I should be embarrassed to talk about this and they like to make gigolo jokes about it. About five months ago I met this girl at a sorority party on the FSU campus. At first we just talked about school and stuff, but eventually it became something more. I had no clue that she had money, but apparently her parents are both doctors of the sort that make all sorts of money. She has one of those really nice luxury apartments in Tallahassee, I mean this place is gorgeous and it has all sorts of things like a great gym and a full sized pool. There are tennis courts and basketball courts and every other thing. Of course the great thing is that her Mom and Dad are paying for all of it. At first that did not have too much to do with me.

Then a couple of months ago the guy I was living with just started melting down. I never knew that he had mental health issues, because he behaved more or less normally so long as he was taking his medication. When he stopped taking those pills he turned in this really bizarre and scary guy. I would not see him for weeks and then he would look like some sort of zombie. Of course the big thing to me is that he would trash the place and then he would not come up with his part of the rent and the power bill. This would have been a huge problem for me, but it turned into a good thing I suppose. My new girlfriend just told me to pack up and move in with her, which was easy since I did not have my name on the lease and there was nothing to stop me. Now I do not have to worry about the rent.