Living Within Our Means in a Nice Apartment in Jacksonville Florida

My dad told me when I was a child that many people have it all wrong. My parents both have the same philosophy about money. We lived in a modest place in Florida when I was growing up. I liked it just fine. I had my own room and so did my sister. I noticed that we got along better as a family than some of my friends. Let me tell you how that shaped how my wife and I looked for apartments in Jacksonville FL when we were getting married.

My wife holds the same views about money that I grew up with. It is okay to buy the last generation of technology. I have had people give me what they call old smartphones that are barely a year old while they continually pay about thirty bucks a month for the latest thing. We buy used cars that people traded in for new, and we save a fortune on depreciation while still having a warranty. We shop Black Friday sales for our own needs rather than just gifts. For our apartment, we picked a nice unit at Pelican Pointe where the rent is incredibly affordable. It is a duplex apartment site that ends in a cul de sac, and we like the privacy.

Why are we doing this? Well, our parents all had regular jobs that people have and they have retired early. They did not have executive positions. The nice thing is that they are already in Florida and do not need to make a move now that they are retiring. They saved their money by making wise purchase decisions on everything. The stress of not having enough money did not exist when I was growing up. We did not live beyond our means. There was no debt for Mom and Dad to argue about. We had everything we needed, and we even ate meals at the dinner table. It was easy to adopt this lifestyle as I got into the workforce. I never stressed about having too little pay and too big of expenses because from our place to live down to the cars we drive, we live within what we earn.