Looking for a Place That I Can Afford

Ideally, if I could do exactly what I want to do, I would be looking for a really nice one bedroom apartments in Tallahassee, FL that is within walking distance of the FSU campus and all of the things that I need. However I am probably not going to be able to afford a place of my own, not unless I was willing to work a really full time job. That is not going to be a practical idea in fact, because I am going to be taking on a big course load and none of the classes are going to involve basket weaving and that sort of thing. I am going to be taking on a physics class and it is not an easy one. Then I am taking classes in computer science, which is my major and in upper level mathematics. All of this means that you can not just show up in class and coast through. You are going to be spending a lot of time in the library and doing homework, so it is just not going to be practical for me to be working thirty hours per week.

Of course I managed to save up some money in the summer. I got a surprisingly good job working in a really nice restaurant. This is the sort of place where two people can go out on a date and easily drop a couple hundred dollars. Often enough if you have a big table with half a dozen people the total may well be close to a thousand dollars or even more. Obviously that means that as a waiter you really want to do a great job and you want to have the customer feel like giving you a nice fat tip. A hundred dollars really isn’t that surprising.