Moving to Where My Coworkers Lived Made More Sense

I had never visited a very large city, so that means I certainly had never lived in one before. I was excited but a little nervous too because I’m not very worldly. I got a job with a new company, and they mentioned that a lot of their employees apartments in uptown Dallas because it’s so close to the office. It really helps out with cutting down on traffic time every day. I was thinking that I might further out at first, though. So, that’s where I started looking for my own place. I later changed my mind about my decision.

I was used to it being rather quiet where I had been living in a smaller town about 3 hours a way. So, I figured that I would look for something like that for no other reason othre than my being used to it. I figured that in a large city, I would find all sorts shops and stores nearby, depspite living on the outskirts. And I was right about that. But it seemed to be missing something. When I visited friends who lived uptown, there were so much more going on around their apartments. There were a lot of culture and happy people moving around doing fun things at night. I immediately realized that I’d like to move there when my lease ran out on my first place.

I started looking at new places as soon as I could. I thought that taking a few months to look around carefully would help me to find something tha I would want to stick with. That happened, and I love my new place. It really does make sense to live closer to your work as well. Why would you want to commute for 2 hours a day, when you can walk 2 minutes and already be at your office each morning?