Our Big Move to Florida

My fiancee Jia and I are so happily in love with each other. We have been together for more than four years. I cannot wait to make her my wife. She is the perfect woman for me. One day, she told me that she was accepted to a graduate program in Florida. I was so proud of her. We decided to get place together. I also got a job offer in Florida. I thought it was a great coincidence. We searched an apartment guide for Jacksonville Fl to find the perfect place.

Jia and I have been apart from each other in the past. We both actually attended different colleges. We were on opposite sides of the country. We had the true definition of a long distance relationship. It was so hard. It was so bittersweet to visit her because I knew I had to leave. I did cherish the short time I was able to visit her even more. I realized that absence really did make my heart grow fonder of Jia. I did not take her or our time for granted. After we graduated, we vowed to never be separated again.

Our ideal apartment was one that was safe, spacious, and inexpensive. We had a tight budget since we were both recent college grads at the time. Jia and I decided that we did not want to live in the city. We wanted to be away the bright lights and boisterous sounds of the city. We found a nice place with two large bedrooms and spacious bathrooms. The apartment included a personal garage for tenets and top of the line security.

Our new living arrangements are ideal. Jia is able to commute from our apartment to school very easily. Our apartment is located in a suburban area and not to close to large, rowdy cities.