Searching for New Meal Ideas

I’ve gone through so many dinner recipes that many of them are starting to repeat. I wanted to have something new and unique for dinner, so I looked on the Internet for a little inspiration. I found a website with recipes specifically for use with the Instant Pot and there was a really good Instant Pot shredded chicken recipe. I had some chicken in the freezer that needed to be used, so I decided to have that for dinner, with some rice and beans that had been sitting in the cabinet for a couple of months.

I bought the pot a few months ago after seeing an ad for it. They talked about how easy it was to use the pot and how it could handle a variety of meals, with the only thing stopping it being the imagination of the chef. My imagination was getting the best of me, because I didn’t know what to prepare until that day. I should probably look into cooking more types of meat as well. The standard beef, pork, chicken, fish can get old, even after a bit of rotation. I wouldn’t mind putting a little bit of lamb in the pot.

The pot did a great job as usual of cooking the dinner. The chicken was about as tender as I expected, which is to say that it was perfect. The rice and beans were perfect as well. For meals like these, people recommend using a white wine, but I prefer to drink red wine with everything, simply because I think it tastes better. I still like white wine, but not as much as red. I had multiple portions of the chicken, rice, and beans that day. If I didn’t get full, I would have eaten the whole thing and wouldn’t have had any leftovers.