Settling into Our New Colorado Home

My wife and I work hard and like a nice place to live. We moved to Colorado to be right there where our corporate clients have their facilities. It was easier for us than the now weekly flights. We contacted the best Denver realtor to get a place that suited our needs, our lifestyle and our budget. Yes, even when you are looking for luxury apartments and condos, you still have a budget. We were keeping our home in the southeast part of the States, and we had expenses for keeping the lawn mowed and other things. Our home was actually now going to be our vacation home.

We had no problem adjusting to the early winters with all the snow. We both like skiing a whole lot. We would take a couple of trips each year to go skiing. Now we ski in Colorado by just getting in our SUV and heading to the closest slopes. We are adapting to life here in Colorado quite well, even the higher elevations and the occasional closed roads due to snow. We really like our new place a whole lot. The apartment is very impressive.

We have dark granite countertops, hardwood floors and plenty of designer tile. The appliances are all stainless steel and everything is top quality. No corners were cut in construction or the amenities at our place. The kitchen is bigger in our new place than it is in our home that has now become our vacation home. We even have a bigger master bedroom and bathroom. It is a nice place to stay cozy on a cold winter day, especially with its fireplace. We have been enjoying our time here in Colorado so much that we are in no hurry to take a vacation back to where we moved from.