They Saved the Online Part of My Business

I thought all I had to do was get a web designer to create a fantastic website for my small business, and the rest would just fall into place easily. I could not have been more wrong. I did find someone who designed a nice website for me, but then it was just dumped in my lap. I didn’t even get a mini instruction book telling me what to do with it. I knew I was doomed unless I started over with new priorities. That is why I did a search for designing and managing Kiwi websites.

I needed someone who would not only design a website for me but help to manage it also. I do not know the first thing about running a website. I can do the basic things like updating something on a description, but that is about it. I had no idea how to maintain it other than that, and I definitely did not know how to promote it so others would be able to find it during a general search on any of the popular search engines. I am so glad that I used those particular search words because I found the perfect web design company to help me out.

For a very small fee, they do everything. They design, maintain, promote, and even update the website when it is needed. The amazing part of this is that they do it for a ridiculously low amount of money. I was concerned briefly about that, but my doubts disappeared quickly after looking at some other websites they have built and continue to maintain. I knew then that I was leaving my business website in the best of hands, and I only wish I had gone to them originally. They truly saved the online portion of my business!