We Are Enjoying Our New Place at Daytona Beach Florida

We found out that there are affordable apartments for Daytona Beach FL. I thought we would never be able to afford to live in the Daytona area, but the Countryside Apartments have lower rent than what we had to pay elsewhere. The apartment complex puts us much closer to where we work, and that will save a fortune in gas every month. I was driving an hour each way to work every day. Now I actually ride a bicycle most days to work. It is very close. Saving money helps us put away more into our investments. We are not rich, but we do save and invest so we can be on track for an early retirement.

We have friends that pretty much blow every paycheck on stuff they do not need. I have one friend that rents furniture! He is paying a fortune for stuff with no savings. We bought used furniture for a cash price from a relative who was buying new stuff. The thing is that their old stuff is like brand new. They are clean freaks and had it all covered the whole time they had it. We do our best to get the best bargains we possibly can. We do not waste a penny, and we are not in debt. We do not see that much for our generation nowadays.

We like our apartment. We have plenty of room, and we are close with our neighbor and his wife next door. The apartment is convenient for all the things we like from shopping for groceries to being close to our doctor and other stuff too. It is just out of the way enough that we do not have all kinds of traffic noise that we had at our old place. I like the quieter surroundings here at Countryside Apartments.